Bonus for New Members

New members who join through JULY 31, 2018 receive a special bonus: a free product of their choice from the online catalog of August House Publishers! Furthermore, every time a state enrolls ten new members, its liaison can select a school to receive complimentary books from August House. This collaboration benefits NSN, encourages storytelling in schools, and spreads word of August House’s developing line of educational storytelling materials. Visit to view their products.


As a member of NSN, you are connected with storytelling on the national scene, networked with storytellers who share your interests across the country, and supported in many ways on your storytelling journey.  Your membership strengthens the national movement of advocacy for wider recognition of storytelling as a diverse and independent performing art.


There are many levels of membership - find one that is perfect for you!


Apply for membership by calling 1-800-525-4514 or download the Membership Form or Apply Online.


If you are a member of a storytelling organization that is an Affiliate member of NSN, you are entitled to a 10% discount on your individual membership.


Benefits of NSN Membership

  • STORYTELLING MAGAZINE The Storytelling Magazine is published four times annually, bringing NSN members news of important events, trends, people, and publications in the national storytelling community. In addition to news, reviews, and a story or two, each issue explores a timely topic through carefully selected articles from leaders in the field. MORE INFO


  • GRANTS Fund your storytelling projects. Thanks to your membership you can apply for NSN grants ranging from $500 to $5,000.


  • STORYTELLER DIRECTORY List your skills for potential employers and producers through NSN’s on-line Teller Directory. MORE INFO


  • NATIONAL STORYTELLING CONFERENCE Enjoy training, education and networking with other professional storytellers and enthusiasts through your membership discount to the National Storytelling Conference.


  • SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS Focus your storytelling skills and advance your interests through one of NSN’s Special Interest Groups, including Healing Story Alliance, Producers and Organizers, Storytelling in Higher Education, Storytelling in Organizations, and Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Alliance! MORE INFO


  • DISCUSSION GROUPS Make a difference by joining one of NSN’s Discussion Groups (Environmental, Interfaith, Intergenerational, New Voices). MORE INFO


  • MENTORSHIP CLEARINGHOUSE NSN created the Mentorship Clearinghouse to establish more connections between storytellers, to expand training opportunities, and to offer an important service to its members.  We use the term “mentorship” here to include many kinds of relationships, from long-term apprenticeships, to multiple or single coaching sessions, to skill training.


  • DISCOUNT ON STORYTELLING PROGRAM AT ETSU Enroll in the Storytelling Program at East Tennessee State University at in-state tuition rates, no matter where you live. MORE INFO


  • GREENWOOD'S WORLD FOLKLORE AND FOLKLIFE DATABASE Gain valuable subscriber access to Greenwood’s World Folklore and Folklife database, with full texts of thousands of international folktales, myths, and legends, edited and annotated by knowledgeable folklorists and searchable by country, region, tale type, and myriad keywords.