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The Healing Story Alliance has sponsored four Kind Stories Concerts this past Winter/Spring. We have heard a wealth of moving stories from our featured tellers and from our listeners. These sharing experiences have inspired and uplifted us during this difficult time. They have also deepened our understanding of the need for kindness in its many guises and have clarified the complexities that kind urges and actions can bring.

Now for our final Spring Sunday, we are offering our listeners an opportunity to work with several prompts to explore the personal and family stories of kindness in their lives at more depth, with the assurance that every story will be heard, whether in a small breakout group, or in the large group as time allows. Your take-away will be several story seeds, a more developed story shared, and more inspiration and sense of our shared community of dear hearts.

Date: June 6, 2021 

Time: 6:00pm-8:00 pm CDT/ 7:00pm-9:00 EDT 

Registration Required: HSA Members attend for free. Donations of any amount are welcome  from Non-Members. 

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