Florida Storytelling Festival, 38th annual

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The Florida Storytelling Festival celebrates the 38th year supporting the art and craft of oral storytelling. In-person at the historic Lakeside Inn, Mt Dora, Florida.
Featured Tellers: Josh Goforth, Sue O’Halloran, Rachel Ann Harding, Orisirisi African Folklore, and Madeline Pots.
Four days! Storytelling concerts, workshops, swaps, slam, and more. Enjoy the many opportunities to listen, learn, and tell. Network with story lovers of all ages. Our Youth Outreach Programs bring school-age Youthful Voices to the concert stage, sponsor professional storytellers in schools, and bring students on field trips. Workshops offer chances to hone the craft. Story Swaps and the Story Slam competition bring the local community up on stage. See schedule online.
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