Rethinking Women in Fairytales

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Is it time women were presented differently in fairytales?

This panel discussion will explore the position of women and the feminine in fairy tales with leading experts; award winning author and mythologist Dame Marina Warner, Jessica Tiffin from the University of Cape Town and award winning storyteller, author and activist Laura Simms from New York.

The term fairy tale was coined by the French writer, Countess d’Aulnoy, when she termed her series of works centered on women into the contes de fées (fairy tales). In these stories, women are presented in a variety of roles. These female centred narratives can be interpreted in many ways.

Join this conversation as our panelists consider the gender roles in fairy tales, how these influence society, culture and the patriarchy. They will explore the ways in which women are presented in fairy tales and what they teach girls about being women.

As part of this live event, you will have the opportunity to ask our panelists your questions about your favourite fairy tales.

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