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Winsome, Worthy, Wise: Stories About Women — & Open Mic! celebrates Women’s History month, World Storytelling Day, and the Spring Equinox, on Sunday, March 19 @ 3 PM at The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut Street, Philadelphia. Light refreshments. Donations accepted, including menstrual products for local distribution by Penn Reproductive Justice Working Group. Approx. running time: 120 minutes. Recommended for adult audiences.

This eclectic and energy-packed program features an array of stories re-imagined by professional speaker and storyteller Denise McCormack to illuminate aspects of the “Maiden, Mother, Crone” trilogy while recognizing that all women embody vivacious and elegant qualities regardless of mother status or age—made all the more potent by a new and fierce sense of self and an unmitigated fearlessness to pursue their own hearts’ desires in their later years when fully equipped with a lifetime of wisdom.

Plus, folks of all identities are encouraged to take the stage and share a 3 to 5 minute story of their own. Sign up with registration or at the door.

But that’s not all. Penn Reproductive Justice Working Group will be on hand with information related to reproductive health and will spearhead the collection of menstrual products (pads, tampons) for distribution in the local area.

According to McCormack, producer and host of the event, “Being able to tout and share tales about the strength and fortitude of women in all phases of life is incredible and a perfect fit for celebrating Women’s History Month, World Storytelling Day, and the coming of Spring is a perfect.

“But the real bonus is having the opportunity to support the efforts of Penn Reproductive Justice Working Group which is working hard to fulfil a need in the community that is tantamount to the need for food—the need for readily available menstrual products. That need can seriously impact the day to day lives of anyone for whom the cost can be insurmountable. Truly, the idea of being in such a circumstance is one that can only invoke empathy and a desire to rectify the situation. Fortunately, this event will help with that dilemma, and we’re proud to support efforts to do so with an outstanding program and a call for the community to come together for an enjoyable and purposeful afternoon.”

In lieu of tickets, donations of menstrual products are encouraged.

About the Speaker/Storyteller

Denise McCormack

McCormack has been a featured teller at local and regional venues, including the National Storytellers Network conferences (KS, CA), Philadelphia Fringe and NJ Storytelling Festivals, museums, and libraries, NYC’s Artists Without Borders, Godfrey Daniels (Bethlehem, Pa),and many others.




Among her affiliated roles are: NJ state liaison for the National Storytelling Network, recent past chair and board member of the NJ Jersey Storytelling Festival, president of Patchwork: A Storytelling Guild in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area, member of the board of the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild, and recent past editor of National Storytelling League’s publication “Story Art.” She is also a member of other various and related cultural, educational, and artists organizations.


McCormack holds a B.A. in English and an M.Ed. in TESOL: Language, Learning, and Literacy, besides several certifications and related awards. She is a dedicated lifelong learner with interests in neuroscience, linguistics, history, communications, and marketing, besides mindfulness and general health and well-being.




McCormack earned a 2014 Women’s Achievement award by the National Association of Professional Women, was editor of NSL’s Story Art magazine and chairman and facilitator of the AMK Short Story contest for many years, author of “Don’t Let the Best Man Ruin Your Wedding: A Bride’s Best Guide for the Best Man’s Speech” and several articles related to the art of storytelling, for which Bride magazine noted her as an expert in the field, and has presented various workshops on the importance and application of storytelling for communication, healing, and connection.


McCormack’s mantra: There is a story for every time and purpose under heaven.


Her passion is further invested in her work related to Mother Earth culture, The Story Algorithm, MYOB: Mind Your Own Body, and bridging language gaps. Language is culture.

About Penn Reproductive Justice Working Group

Penn Reproductive Justice Working Group is a movement of Penn students committed to expanding abortion and contraceptive access, creating inclusive sex and menstrual health education, and improving reproductive health policy in Philly. We strive to be community-conscious advocates for sustainable change in repro justice, and we emphasize inclusion and openness to individuals of all backgrounds.

About The Rotunda

The Rotunda, located in Philadelphia, PA, is a community-gathering place that is fueled by the belief that art is a catalyst for social change and that the arts can lead to the formation of meaningful partnerships between our parent organization the University of Pennsylvania, and surrounding neighborhoods. Over 300 events are offered every year, including live music, film, spoken word, theater, art, dance, education, youth programs, arts incubation, and various experimental genres. As an alcohol-free venue, The Rotunda provides a critical social alternative for all ages. At its core, The Rotunda is a shared space fostering learning, enrichment, and community support while empowering the public to present, produce, and promote their work.

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