Yorkshire Festival of story Presents: Who’s Your Daddy: Norse Re-Mything on the World Stage

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From The Avengers to Steinsgate to American Gods, the Norse deities are back: often with a vengeance… and always with a makeover. But why now? What do they have to do with systems of power And what do the re-mythings say about humanity’s global psychology?

Dr Sea Gabriel of Bastyr University joins us live from the US for an insightful hour as we explore why Norse deities and stories have come to be re-mythed, and capitalized on, during periods of personal, political, and global identity crises.

We will examine the relationship between the original myths and the steeply hierarchical belief systems that attempt to harness their power. And, we delve into ways we can recognise — and be inspired by — their psychological call to action.

This live event will be followed by a Q & A so you can ask Dr Sea Gabriel questions.

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