Youth, Educators, and Storytellers (YES) Pre-Conference MORNING Workshop Only

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YES Pre-Conference Workshop Morning Session with Csenge Zalka, PhD

Title: "One child is one whole world": Bringing storytelling into the foster system


"The Világszép Foundation (named after a popular Hungarian fairy tale) has been training volunteer storytellers for 10 years to bring bedtime stories into Hungarian foster homes. Storytelling is our way of showing the children attention, acceptance, and the assurance that all can turn out well in the end. Our storytelling program has been designed and honed by professional storytellers, educators, and therapists, and it is constantly evolving in the face of new challenges and needs."

Csenge Virág Zalka, PhD., has been coordinating of the Világszép storytelling program for the past 3 years, helping dozens of volunteer storytellers connect with more than 150 children in the state care system.


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