A Welcome to all from TELLABRATION!™ founder J. G. Pinkerton

In 1988, I dreamed of having a night each year when storytellers in each community got together and told stories to their families and friends.

I called the idea TELLABRATION!™

Friends of storytelling liked the idea and began making it happen. Each year the circle of friends has grown and now TELLABRATION!™ happens all across America as well as in other lands.

I am only the man who had the idea… it is the friends of storytelling who have made the event a success.

Hundreds of tellers telling to thousands of people.

May what the tellers share bring joy to many people and may the listeners come to know that…through storytelling, we can draw closer together in peace… and in friendship… and in love.

Storytelling reaches around the world and across all generations… reminding us of our common humanity. I know storytelling creates experiences… and … shared experiences are the basis of all relationships. My best wishes go with all who join in this common endeavor.

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