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As a long-standing member of NSN, I should like to state my view regarding holding the 2020 Summit in Atlanta, GA. To paraphrase the Irish storyteller, Liz Weir, it is difficult to dislike someone once you have heard their “story”. I believe in the stated policy of “engaged neutrality”. Given the highly controversial legislation that has been recently passed in Georgia, I do not feel that it is venue given to supporting “neutrality”. It will be impossible to “ignore” the milieu. SILENCE is an action, just as DOING NOTHING is an action. From my perspective, to hold the NSN conference in Georgia is tacit support of said legislation. I also think that regardless of NSN’s stated position, either side of this debate will use the actions of NSN as a sign that “their” position is the “right” one. Heads [going there] I win; tails [ finding another place] you lose. NSN can’t win for losing with this one. I suggest we find a place that is much more, truly “neutral”, and support our membership in an environment that allows all of us to “listen” to the other’s perspective. Do what we’re doing now: have the debate OUT of Georgia, and not in it.

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