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I applaud NSN for asking those who wish to weigh in on this issue to do so. Just five statements above show that there are already different perspectives and approaches, which given the complexity of these times, and that emotions are running high on all sides, is no surprise. While I don’t have a clear cut “should” convene in Atlanta or “should not,” I do think that NSN should name what is going on in Georgia–newly passed repressive abortion laws that will cause tremendous anguish known and not known to countless people. I would like to see NSN use language that fully acknowledges the controversy of these anti-abortion laws. Even as NSN strives for “neutrality” this is a serious issue and I think that the entire NSN membership should be given a chance to vote “yes” or “no” on whether or not to meet in Atlanta. Women, children, the earth, the “other” are targeted and harmed by many current policies and they all go beyond neutrality.
m hecht

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