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I support NSN’s policy to not organizationally articulate or otherwise provide support for or opposition to any specific candidate for office, legislation (pending or finalized), or policy, apart from the advancement of the art of storytelling.

I fully support each of NSN’s individual members to speak out on any position, and to direct their discretionary spending to support or boycott those causes they believe in. This issue has come up before (e.g. Arizona in 2014)

Based on my knowledge of the amount of time it takes to plan a Summit, I do not support the selection of an alternative location in 2020. There is simply not enough time to plan an alternative location. Given the time needed to lock down a venue, I support NSN’s continued discussions with the Southern Order of Storytellers to host the 2020 in Georgia, and to make a go-no-go decision about whether to hold a summit at all in 2020 based on a survey of the membership’s likelihood to attend in Georgia.

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