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As a NAPPS Board Member in the 1980’s, I fought the idea of moving the Conference away from the cozy affordable gathering at Washington College Academy in Jonesborough, thus changing the model from friendly camp-out to ALA-clone-expensive-hotel-based-bureaucratic conferences unaffordable to many working storytellers, unsponsored by their Libraries.
Nonetheless, now that it has moved around, the idea of changing the venue due to political considerations is horrifying to me.
It reeks of Fascism.
The Georgia legislature, composed of duly elected representatives, speaking in the name of their constituents, has enacted a Bill in a democratic fashion. The duly elected Governor of that State has signed that Bill. All these steps are constitutional and in accordance with the Rule of Law. For those of us outside of Georgia, whether we agree or disagree with the statute, it is none of our business.
To change the venue at this point would be to take a stand that denies the rights of the people of Georgia to live peacefully in domestic tranquility under the Blessings of Liberty, as promised in the Preamble of the Constitution.
Insofar as it uses economics as a weapon, it is an example of Capitalism over Community.
It would be akin to the action of the spoiled child who takes his bat and ball and goes home because the game isn’t going his/her way.
Perhaps more importantly, it would be a breach of courtesy to our hosts, the Southern Order of Storytellers, an organization older than NSN.
I appreciate the NSN Board’s decision to open this dialogue to the membership and look forward to the dirty looks next time I see y’all in Jonesborough. (Unless you’re also boycotting the Festival for Economic-political reasons.)

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