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Susan Shampanier

I disagree in supporting summit locations in rogue states.
Georgia is thumbing its nose at the US constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court, and the spirit of the Declaration of Independence. Georgia is required to follow the US Constitution, and any public official who fails to do so, including the governor, should be removed. And, Georgia is one of the states that sanctions voter suppression.

The new law in Georgia is unconstitutional because it says that women do not have the same rights as men including the right to control their own bodies. Its the same as saying African Americans are not fully human, or that slavery is just a “peculiar institution”. Its also imposing religious beliefs about abortion. Separation of Church and State is fundamental to US Constitution.
I appreciate Yvonne’s suggestion that I donate the registration fee, if I don’t want to attend the conference. Unfortunately, the power of the $$$ is the strongest power I have. If enough organizations refuse to hold their meetings and conventions in Atlanta, perhaps politicians in the State will temper their anti-American behavior.

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