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Bill Wight

Posted on behalf of Julienne Ryan, with permission:


I gave your recent post about NSN event locations some thought. I thought about how we and other organizations/companies need to look at how they use their $’s /visibility as “opportunities” to teach or demonstrate a position.

When the film industry dialed back their location shots, I said I get it. Lot’s of money is getting pulled out… that might put some pressure on but unfortunately some in the state may take it as a “win.” Unfortunately, as you know small businesses like caterers, make up artists, tech crews, maintenance crews will feel the hit… so the lesson’s impact won’t be a clean and simple one.

We on the other hand, don’t have large dollars to leverage but we can offer something to those areas with our presence. Our art form is about sharing and helping people communicate and appreciate other’s circumstances….

So many there is an opportunity here to be more than revenue from another booked conference and a suite of rooms. We have an opportunity to touch people and make an impact. Fringes and ripples are two visuals that come to mind when I think stories and encounters interact.

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