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I remember watching your TED Talk ‘Do Try This Home’ and enjoying it very much!
Glad to connect and share the details of the two TED talks I’ve given. Both happen to be for educational institutions, not surprising since i am also an educationalist working especially with teachers.
The first TED talk was for under-graduates and post-graduates and the second one for high school students.

(1) Role of Storytelling In Our Lives by Deepa Kiran

(2) The Magic Of Listening To Stories by Deepa Kiran

Thank you for collating this list.
Looking forward to exploring the list.

Incidentally, I received queries as well from professionals who know their work well but aren’t able to speak about it when invited to various platforms. The talk about how to give a TED talk sounds interesting.

Wish you the very best Marilyn and waiting to watch it.

Deepa Kiran,
Hyderabad, India

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