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From: “Jeff Gere”
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2017 12:21:32 +0000

Hi All,

I want to bring up a thought or two about CDs & DVDs….
I live in Hawaii, and YouTube has been an invaluable marketing
Tool. I am now in Taiwan. Following my 10 days of shadow puppet
shows, I tracked down & visited a Shadow Puppet Museum. The Director
& English speaking Coordinator greeted me with enthusiasm.
“We loved your videos!” It looks like they will be fuming another visit.

I’ve made 10 CDs & two DVDs for myself & some for others. To me, they
Are calling cards, records of my creative life. I just ordered a bunch of them all
Thinking “if I don’t have copies of my recorded work to give out why should
Anyone else want them?”

Last month a guy approached me about doing an .APP walking tour of Waikiki-
I offered him 3 hours, he chose one theme and I went into my bag of recordings.
It was very pleasant reviewing and hearing them again. Now at the time I recorded
Them there was no such thing as a Walking Tour .app, but because I went for
Recording my work, it was easy to pick the best versions of the stories to the theme.

I urge you & everyone I know to record your/their voice telling stories.
Some day that may be all there is for your great grandchildren to hear of you.

Just sayin’….
Jeff Gere

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