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From: “Laura Simms”
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2017 14:42:46 -0500

Dear All,

it is so tender to read all of our concerns about cd’s and recording. I suggest recording all or as much of your work as you can .. I have started to use my iphone with a very good little microphone. The quality is suprisingly good. And I can download it. Like so many plans, I have not done anything significant yet, but there are stories that I rarely tell and love that I now have recorded. Perhaps a very special CD recording of your best work or a specific theme or issue will be worth the expense. But for your posterity and for those who love to hear your stories, having something with your voice is still the best next to hearing you live.

to all a very beautiful and refreshing holiday season and may this new year be filled with GOOD NEWS
with love and appreciation to this very remarkable and generous group,

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