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From: “Cassandra Wye”
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2017 10:02:10 +0800

Hi Jenny
Gosh – how can an audience be over enthusiastic?
I don’t think I have ever met an audience that was over enthusiastic!
I did not realise there were rules on how much enthusiasm in storytelling was allowed 🙂
Perhaps you might take the alternative approach and discuss with your daughter what she meant by too loud?
That perhaps she isn’t used to people projecting their voice – and that this is part of mum’s job to be louder than at home because you are speaking to a lot of people at once?
Perhaps it may have been your tone of voice – its easy when we are struggling for our voices to go slightly shrill – I go “strangled Mary Poppins” – which isn’t a good sound
But when `I hear it – I make my voice smile and my vocal chords relax
I hardly ever use a mike and I doubt I adopt a conversational tone – I am performing
That way you learn how to be visually present and so audiences listen to you and not to the microphone..
And I don’t think I know the rule about being quiet when telling stories either …
If you ask for contributions from the audience then they WILL contribute and possibly not in the way you intended!
Guidelines are good such as “hands up” if you have an idea or “no sorry I can only listen to one person at a time”
So they learnt about listening as well aa speaking, turn taking etc – which are tricky concepts for kinders
For me – its about audience management and learning how to attune myself to the audience and how to attune them to me so we can then tell a story together
But I would probably hazard a guess that your daughter would think be too loud too!
But thats Ok – maybe she would like to sit further back?
Just ny thoughts

Best Wishes

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