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From: “Ms Jenny STORY”
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2017 17:54:50 +0800

Thank you for the prompt responses and advice everyone. I have never thought of using a mic before as I thought that holding a mic in one hand will restrict my hand movements but I really do like the idea that with a mic, whispers can be heard by everyone, even those at the back of the room. I never thought of it that way. Thanks Denise.

As for zipping their lips, unlocking their ears and having parents to help, I think I will need to do more of that in my future telling, Rituparna. What do you think of having kids sit on their parents’ laps? In my last telling where we have about 20 plus kids and parents, most were sitting on their parents’ laps and it was much better. However, I am always worried that those sitting at the back of the room will not be able to see me well since they are being blocked by the parent in front of them.

I am a teacher so by the nature of the profession, I do have the ability for “big voices” and hopefully, “small voices” too – ha!ha! Yes Cassandra, come to think of it, I do have that “strangled Mary Poppins” voice on most occasions when these interruptions happened. It happens when I am teaching in class too when I get interrupted. I will take note of that, tone down and relax. My ever helpful daughter volunteers to sit in the front row the next time and give me subtle hand signals when I am too loud, just like those given by the musicians to the crew manning the PA system.

Thank you everyone for your tips and advice. I will surely try all of them out in my next telling and also in my classroom teaching. Once again, thank you and lovely day to you all!


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