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From: “Judith Heineman”
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2017 10:30:50 -0600

Dear Ms. Jenny,
I am coming a bit late to this conversation, but wanted to answer a few other questions you posed.
1) The dear departed Kathryn Windham used to say after telling one of her glorious ghost stories to place slippers or shoes by one’s bedside, pointing in opposite directions to confuse the spirits and thus avoid harm, should anyone be frightened by her stories. I often use that saying.

2) Imaginary or real line. Both!!
When I have told stories to a very crowded library room as part of a reading program, the librarians had put down blue tape to define the seating area before I came!
I often bring a large colorful fabric and spread it out as a “front row” for the little ones to sit on. That creates a comfortable distance for me.

3) I like very little ones to sit in their parents’ laps on the floor. This contains those who may want to run around and it helps parents engage with their kids. Lots more bonding benefits-

All the best.
As ever,
Judith Heineman
Chicago and New York

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