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From: “Judy Schmidt”
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2017 09:07:14 -0500

Hi Jeff,

“I urge you & everyone I know to record your/their voice telling stories.
Some day that may be all there is for your great grandchildren to hear of you.”

Agree with you wholeheartedly. Cost effectiveness is not the only criterion. Our three Guild CDs provide a snapshot in time of our most active tellers. Some folks on the first and second CD have dropped out of membership completely, so it’s nice to hear their voices from time to time.

In my personal life I taped “oral history” recordings of family members and members of a summer community to which I have belonged since I was two years old. Most of them are on the other side now, but when I listen to their voices it’s like they are right here in the room with me. I have gone back to those recordings, now converted to digital format, and mined them for story material, most recently my colorful Uncle Max, whose destroyer sank in the Mediterranean during World War II. He was the last man rescued.

I have never been sorry that I taped someone – only that I didn’t get around to taping folks before they passed.

I also did oral history demos with various 7th grade classes when I was a school librarian. Most of my subjects were their teachers and student teachers. That was another fascinating project!

Judy Schmidt

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