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Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2017 17:34:21 GMT

Fran et all

This has been a interesting thread to read. Storytelling has been a major part of my life for thirty some years. After attending my first (of many) Nat’l Storytelling Festival, I began to think about all the CD’s that were for sale there. I decided that I wanted to have a product I could market. I listened to some really good stories that were made almost un-listenable by “kitchen table” productions! I began going out and talking to studios to see what They could do with Storytelling. It was a high cost, $75 an hour, but I felt that I would have a better quality product. I went in the first day and cut my first CD. I took the scratch disk home, put it in my computer and listened. What I heard was probably the worst disk of storytelling I had ever heard. I had stood in the sound booth and watched the technician manipulate the sound. The stories were just DEAD!

The next day I went back to the studio and told them to scratch the 3 hours of recording. I proceeded to tell my Scary stories with my eyes closed! Big difference. The studio provided musical interludes between stories and I think they made a good product which featured my programs. I did two more CDs, a children’s disk and a general disk with “favorite stories”. I found a production place that did 100 lots at $1.00 each, and ordered my first recordings. You can probably get disks cheaper by buying in more volume, but storage space and initial cost has to come into play. I just reorder in 100 lots, and it works well.

The thing I found is people who want to hire you can go on my web site and HEAR what I can do. They can decide if I fit their requirements before deciding. I also use CDs as a giveaways at local organizations for ! dollar you get some great advertising.
I still have some disks left and they still are good promotions. I don’t do as much telling these days, At 81 years, Growing old is Hell!

Steve Otto

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