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From: “Mary Garrett”
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2017 18:11:36 -0600

Jackie Torrence said all has to be safe at the end, “and no one ever saw that . . . . again.” We can tell scary stuff as long as we bring them home safely. I watched Roberta Simpson Brown revise the ending of Rain Thing to fit a younger audience — parents home just in time to save her. <3

I was telling someone recently about your revision of Harry Potter, with magical creatures not dead, but gathered together, sharing stories of their adventures. Storytellers have the ability to customize the story for the listeners’ needs. Parents can add what they need to add to books (but better use post-its in library books 😉

BTW, I was slow to figure out the significance of Dumbledore’s Phoenix’s name. It took seeing a post about Guy Fawkes Day . . . slow but finally got it, like my student who finally figured out Metaphors Be With You. 😉

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