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From: “Marilyn McPhie”
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2017 20:55:24 -0700

For novice storytellers, I definitely recommend anything by Margaret Read MacDonald. The stories in her books are diverse, not always widely known — and, importantly, ready to tell. The stories have been thoroughly tested and come with notes on how to tell them. In addition, many volumes have charts at the back with suggested ages, timings, etc — Everything you need for a successful telling experience. Yes, many are perfect for young audiences, but she includes plenty that will work with teens and adults.

Another suggestion for sure-fire stories: Any books by Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss. Most of the stories in their anthologies are best for elementary school age audiences, but many would work with all ages. These also come with notes on telling and come from a variety of sources.

Good luck.

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