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From: “seema wahi mukherjee”
Date: 28 Apr 2017 12:00:16 -0000

Hi Suzzane,

Greetings from Delhi where we are about to have a dust storm, which hopefully would bring down the temperature.

Honestly, after reading your mail, would love to attend your session at Innsburck one day.

Your description of the current location seems ideal. Loved reading that the people had to sit on the aisles. It has its own charm and warmth. In my opinion, in case you take a place which can seat 100-250 people, the warmth which is evident in the description of current place may not be easy to recreate.

Hopefully, the increase in number of audience becomes a regular feature rather than one off incident. In that case, you could increase the number of sessions and have them pre-book rather than all walk-ins.

Warm regards,

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