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From: Hope Lewis
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2017 18:21:12 -0400

Hello Maria et al,

I first break down the story into a very few scenes I really love and want to keep. Sometimes I even attach photos that illustrate the scenes. Then, without looking at the original story, I begin to put my own words to the illustrations out loud, listening for my own voice to emerge. I add details, or move scenes around, delete or add parts of the story until the tale resonates as authentically “me.”
At the same time, I try to search out other versions of the same story from other cultures or times. Sometimes the alternative versions give me different perspectives and insights.
I finally go back to the original and look at what drew me in the first place.
Condensing multiple versions, the original, and my own voice into one polished gem is the final work of the storyteller.
Finally, I honor the original tale (be aware of copyrights) by noting that my story is based on “…..”
Share the joy of the tale, Maria,


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