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From: “Richard Marsh”
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2017 23:11:20 -0000

Without splitting hairs about the terminology, I’d say I make my own version of the story rather than making the story my own. The story is mine only insofar as it belongs to everyone, as I emphasise at the end of a session. My version might include background historical information on a legend. With my journalistic experience, I rarely “publish” based on only one source, so details from other versions and sources might be borrowed for the version I base my version on. I might add details or delete colour or tangential wandering that some teller or author has added that doesn’t contribute to the throughline of the story, but I never change the story itself.

When I listen to a teller, I quickly decide if I want to acquire the story for my repertoire. If I decide I do, I retell the story to myself in my own words as the teller is telling, discarding tangents and possibly adding clarifying information. That way, I have the story in my own words.

Richard Marsh

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