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From: Elaine
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2017 11:37:31 -0700

Hi Maria:

As a physical performer, videotape is the only way to communicate my work to my prospects. I spent lots of time and money having my live shows taped by professional videographers. And I always felt that it never communicated what I do. So last year, I hired a top videographer to tape in a studio with at least two cameras, and that is what’s important. In a studio you have total control over lighting and sound. You usually do three takes with a long shot, a head shot, and a mid-range shot, with another camera to tape certain accents. What’s more it is worth the money to have a professional editor do the work. Now, unless I become an overnight sensation, I will probably never do this again, as it is VERY expensive. I spent 8K to get an excellent product. In the end, I am happy I did it. Here’s a snippet of a promo he did:

Elaine Muray
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