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From: “Maria Gomez de la Torre”
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2017 14:13:01 -0800

Thanks all for the advice.

Elaine – that video is really impressive – I can understand why it was so
expensive. I did my own editing cause of budget issues and I had previously
worked at a press office as a video editor for two years. I learned a lot
and am familiar with editing programs.
And I really did felt like Richard – it was really uncomfortable and yes I
was totally self-concious I was being filmed which I think is why I don’t
feel like it’s me on that video.

Tim – I’m going to follow your advice again and ask you all for help.
Couching would be wonderful but believe it or not, I’m the only storyteller
in my area (which is saying a lot – the city where I’m currently living is
the second largest city in the country). Last year, when I tried to pull off
my storytelling festival and putting effort to round up a bunch of
storytellers, I found out that it was just me. :/ – and people in the theater
industry here are scarce.
Okay – here goes: this is a bit embarrassing but I’m attaching the link to
one of my videos (this is a Spanish performance – a charity presentation I
did for children who live in high-poverty areas). From there anyone can
access other videos. I would really like to know what you think: how does it
with regards to body and facial expression – the use of voice – does it
look natural? just be straight forward and honest (I believe truth can hurt
but it doesn’t offend). I wouldn’t worry if you don’t understand Spanish, I
think I’m going to just focus now on the form rather than on the story

Thanx for all your help!!!

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