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From: Jeff Gere
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2017 18:07:54 -1000

Hi All,

Oh, I’ve done so so so much storytelling video. I think it is key to ‘Getting Bigger’!
Marie, the camera does not lie (and it removes lotsa energy, makes a tell flatter).
Editing myself has helped me eliminate some bad habits (or tho come to value them).
I wish more storytellers used video to inform them about their stage presence.
Every cell phone these days has the capacity to make a hi-def recording.

I’ve sent out links before to some 20 Margaret Read MacDonald videos done here.
She was told: ‘look into the camera with the red light on (hot one) as you tell.’
There were three cameras in a studio, no audience, slow cut edits. It worked well.

Pickin’ Peas (4:53)

Parley Garfield and the Frogs (3:34)

Here I tell a kid’s story (piano player behind me) into one hand-held camera
Zipper Hero (older boy’s humor deflates embarassment, 4:45 min.)

Part of the Talk Story Festival in Honolulu was a 3 or 4 camera shoot of the live
show, the video projected on the wall beside the stage as the teller performed.
No looking at the lens here, but lotsa dynamic video and a live(ly) crowd energy.
I installed theatrical lighting & got a creative light guy to color the tales too.
And a pro sound man. I aired them for decades monthly and learned to edit.
Here is a short story told by me at Talk Story in this way.

Grandma? (a little boy sees her ghost, 2:39)

Once in Maui I had a 3 piece band and 3 cameras. I made sure to look
into the cameras when I wanted to ‘speak directly (in)to the viewer’.
After all (I reasoned) you gotta look somewhere when talking live to an audience.
Take a look- longish but it illustrates the point. Sometimes I speak to YOU!

C.C. Camp (2 shorts, & man meets Menehune, Hawaii’s 1st people, 11:20 min)

So there’s some illustrations of different storytelling video.
I’m enjoying this discussion. Attach links.

Jeff Gere

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