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From: robert kanegis
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2017 14:29:15 -0800

Oops. Sent before finishing…Buber said, “all true living is encounter” How do you capture or convey the living mess of a storytelling encounter on video? I think audio probably gets closer than video. So much to be distracted by the eye. That said, the visual element is integral for some performers. But certainly when I think of marvelous storytelling performances I’ve witnessed through the years it’s the live performances I remember. Never videotaped ones. Still, I suppose, since they are more and more required,one tries to get as close as you can. I do think that venues are missing out on some top notch performers with their increasing insistence on video samples

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One of my guiding quotes is from Martín Buber , wh said that

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