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From: “Smith, Nick”
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2017 18:16:15 +0000

Yes, in the music field, keeping a flow of recordings or other merchandise is important, but not only for those reasons. Merchandise is both promotional and part of the musician’s income flow. Storytellers never did that to as great an extent.

I think there is a significant difference in the way that people listen to music as opposed to stories. For music, there are a lot of listeners who want to hear things with which they are already familiar, which is the basis for things like “oldies” or “classic rock” radio stations.

I don’t think that’s true as much for stories, which may be one of the reasons why storytelling CD sales are typically lower than those for music.

At our concert series, we have audience members who will buy ANY new merchandise which has come out since the performer’s last appearance. Favorites return every 2-3 years to series like ours, so if they haven’t come out with anything new in that time period, then they’re missing out on sales. So that is a major reason for that suggested time period that Kwanza mentions.

–Nick Smith

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