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From: “kwanza theteller”
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2017 20:04:12 +0000 (UTC)

you make good points, nick. particularly, the the idea of distinguishing between telling to an audience as compared to a camera. i come from a tradition where storytelling is an interactive and participatory activity. it will be awkward to say to a camera, for instance, “do you know what happened next?” as the question usually elicits some kind of response from the audience. a camera is not going to do that. unless, the camera crew or somebody among them say, “no, what happened next?” or simply, “what happened?” or just yell, “tell us!”

once i tried having somebody video tape me telling so he could try his new camera. i looked into the camera and spoke. rather than telling to the camera, staring into the lens and speak at it, i attempted to “interacted” with an imaginary audience. i didn’t want it to be a story told by a tv newscaster. so i looked at various parts of the room at different times as though i was talking to actual people. i asked the couple people in the room to laugh, chuckle, and otherwise react naturally as they would when hearing someone tell a story at a party or live telling. it kind of worked but it was still a challenge.

in my view, the key is really to be natural. most people tend to get self conscious when they know a camera is rolling. even bands and live performers act different when they know they are being video recorded so trying to behave “normal” is suddenly a challenge and all sorts of awkward mannerism come out. thereis also the awareness



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