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Hi Jane,
I suspect you would be better off with folktales to avoid the copyrighted material unless you are telling for your employer under Fair Use. (I should remember if you do or not, but this will help either way.) I know the dragon you are describing. He’s awfully heavy, unlike a smaller dragon Folkmanis also made. I have both and have tended to let the big dragon listen and observe my telling instead of taking a more active role. I also suspect you don’t want a dragon who is “bad.”
I went to my catalog of folklore books I own, many of which should be available to you through interlibrary loan if not in your local library. I’ve copied the information on each book complete with any indexing. Here’s a quick explanation of abbreviations I used. “McD I” is Margaret Read MacDonald’s _Storyteller’s Sourcebook_ — that’s the original volume, not her second one. “FT” refers to the various editions of _Index to Fairy Tales._
Two other quick notes, I included all of the note on the various Time-Life Enchanted World series instead of editing it down to just the Dragon volume. Muiriel Fuller’s name is not a typo. Her book was republished by Dover, so it’s fairly available.
Brace yourself, here’s the list, it’s only 9 books, but the full listing is fairly lengthy.
Child Study Association of America
Castles and Dragons
1958 Renewed in 1986, but by illustrator!
Indexed in MacD. I & F.T. ’49-’72

Fenner, Phyllis R.
Giants & Witches & a Dragon or Two
1943 with earlier
Indexed in MacD. I & F.T. 2d Suppl.

Fuller, O. Muiriel
The Book of Dragons; Tales and Legends from Many Lands
Indexed in F.T. Suppl.
German (3), Rumanian, Sussex, French, Chinese, Danish, Greek, Bahamian, Welsh, Serbian, Norwegian, Ainu, English, Czech, Thessalian, Swiss, Cornish

Hoke, Helen
Dragons, Dragons, Dragons
Indexed in MacDonald I

Holman, Felice & Nanine Valen
Drac; French Tales of Dragons & Demons
Indexed in MacD. I

Manning-Sanders, Ruth
Book of Dragons
Indexed in MacD. I & F.T. ’49-’72

Manning-Sanders, Ruth
Damian & the Dragon; Modern Greek Folk Tales
Manning-Sanders, Ruth
Indexed in MacD. I & F.T. ’49-’72

Pratt, Davis & Elsa Kula
Magic Animals of Japan
Indexed in MacD. I & F.T.’49-’72
Mermaid; fox; cat; monkey; toad; badger; tengu; crane; dragon; rabbit; kappa; tiger; Japanese version of The Terrible Drip Drip Drip

Time-Life (The Enchanted World)series
n.d. (Multiple volumes)
Not indexed except as noted below
Includes bibliography (+ separate index)
Book of beginnings; Book of Christmas; Dragons; Dwarfs; Fabled land; Fairies & elves; Ghosts (Indexed in F.T. ’87-’92); Giants & ogres; Lore of love (Indexed in F.T. ’87-’92); Magical Beasts (indexed in F.T. ’78-’86); Magical justice; Night creatures (indexed in F.T. ’78-’86); Secret arts; Seekers & saviors (indexed in F.T. ’78-’86); Water spirits (indexed in F.T. ’78-’86); Wizards & witches

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