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From: Richard Martin
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2018 17:19:23 +0200

> On 6. Apr 2018, at 17:13, Jim Brule <> wrote:
> Thanks, Richard.
> Do you know, is the double opt-in retroactive? In other words, do we need to go through and “clean up” our lists?
> Or is it only going forward?

A good question, so I’ll reply to the list – and making that clear here to ensure GDPR compliance 🙂

I don’t know because after hearing my friend’s horror tale of being taken to court, I deleted all the data I’d collected over the years and started again using MailChimp and double opt-in. If you use them, they will have that information somewhere. If you use another set-up, check with them. If you do it all yourself, keep a record of all subscriptions, including IP address, time-stamp, etc. That is what you need in a court of law, apparently.

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