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From: Claire Castell
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2018 08:49:10 -0700

Hi Maria, I just went through a “Quest” to find stories on a particular topic : the Loup-Garou, aka Rougarou.

Being a computer person, I started with internet searches and Amazon searches. I found a few good stories but it was more limited than I expected.

What I found was that collections of stories didn’t reveal the entire table of contents on line. And when it did, it might not mention these words specifically in the title of the tale. But when I bought the book and read through it I might find the perfect story. For example, when I saw the title “The Strange Dog” in a collection by Barry Ancelet, I couldn’t tell it was a Loup-Garou story until I read it.

One of my story instructors gave me leads to authors who wrote about Cajun culture like JJ Reneaux and Alce Fortier. But I had to buy the books to determine that. I bought about 3 books I didn’t need but I have 6 with what I wanted. (Note: 2 of my best collections are from the August House publishers: American Storytelling)

Probably a lot of you all use the library so I am sure there are librarians who are great helpers. One librarian in my story classes shared about 10 different cultural versions of Cinderella. She could find anything!

Part of my search was this listserv which was the source which was fabulously rich.

Anyway, thanks to this group and others I now have 19 Loup-Garou stories.

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