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From: Richard Martin
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2018 06:40:16 +0200

A proper vocal warm-up routine is one of the many things I feel I ought to do, but generally don’t. I haven’t noticed any difference – which may be that my way of doing exercises has simply been inadequate.

What I do find helpful is to focus on any warm-up patter I might use with the audience when I first go on stage, making sure that I will come across relaxed and confident – grounded.

Similarly I usually also focus on my segue from that patter to the opening of the first story, making sure that it is the correct tale I am heading into. (It has happened a couple of times with tales which I tell a lot, i.e. can easily tell on auto-pilot, that I have found myself heading into the wrong story! I *think* I have always managed to handle this without anyone apart from myself knowing, but it annoys me no end.)

So perhaps these “content” warm-ups ensure that I project my feeling of enjoyment in performing, and that might help my sense of physical comfort and ensure that my voice is in good shape right from the start. (So perhaps I am doing a vocal warm-up after all.)

Richard Martin
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