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From: Cassandra Wye
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2018 09:01:08 +0100

Hi Maria

Yes I do, always have done.

I think it is essential to allow yourself to shift from one mode of being to another, from travelling, finding, arriving, eating etc to being ready for performance

I use movement and sound exercises so that my body and voice are warmed up and “ready to go”.

Its interesting that in sports such as sky-diving and sailing, we are taught that “ready to go-ness” – which storytellers seem to miss out on in their training.

I came from a physical theatre/dance and circus training and “ready to go-ness” is essential.
You can’t be worrying about parking if you are hanging upside down by your toe-nails.

I also top and tail every story so I have a clear image of all of them – again to move into “ready to tell-ness”

I use the same exercises for readiness for performance, workshops, training, presentations etc.

Ready for anything – is how I like to be!

Best Wishes

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