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From: Diane Edgecomb
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2018 14:14:46 -0400

In terms of kind of warm-up necessary- a lot depends on the demands you are placing on your voice and on your body.

If your storytelling style is mostly in your natural vocal register while standing in front of a microphone or seated in a chair then being relaxed, with your energy at the ready, having positive thoughts about the interaction to come and an imagination that is tuned to the images of the story is probably enough. But if your style includes moments of song or has a lot of characterizations and vocal range as well as expressive movement then it helps to warm up upper and lower register of the voice, stretch your muscles and practice supported breathing so that you can be flexible and expressive.

Warm-ups help us to avoid damaging voice or body – the damage happens because we may be accustomed to wrong vocal use or because muscles are tight and not limber. I personally do not warm up often before a performance. I trained for so many years in vocal and physical work including singing, theater, dance and expressive movement and I am using these tools on a regular basis so they are kind of at the ready. But if I start encountering performance problems – which I did recently – I go back into training to find exercises to remind myself of the supported way to use the voice. Just being back in a training routine immediately made a difference as to what I could access during the storytelling.

The most important thing of course is to be able to be relaxed and present for the group that is gathered. Warm-ups can be many different kinds of exercises but the test is: Do they help me get in tune with my body, voice and inner self? Finding your own regular routine of warm-ups whether before a performance or as part of ongoing training is invaluable. It will bring you to a sense of presence, vocal range and a limber body so that the story can express itself fully.

Thanks all for bringing up this thread!!


Diane Edgecomb

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