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From: Jill Lamede
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2018 11:25:31 +0100

Verty few venues can offer the privacy needed for a full vocal warm-up!

My ‘routine’ is pretty instinctive. In the car I may just check that my voice
is forward – hum a bit until lips and nose are buzzing, I try to arrive early enough to begin to feel comfortable in the space and sense how much I will need to project in order to be heard by the back row. Then setting up my storybasket etc gives my body a physical sense of the space and an awareness of the size of movement and gestures required.

All this purely instinctive – I don’t need to think about it – but I do need my personal space at that time. I can’t handle conversations just before a performance.

Best wishes
The Tintagel Storyteller

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