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From: Laura Simms
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2018 11:24:05 -0400

Many years ago after listening to a tape of my voice I was startled by how high, stressed and thin, it was. I began a search for vocal warm ups that ranged from relaxing the voice, and the throat, to operative singing, even rock and roll singing (that was fun). What changed my voice was work with the Ry Hart theater teacher Richard Armstrong. It not only opened my voice and increased the range of sound, tone and level of voice, but it made me deeply aware of the difference between the voice embodied and the voice relaxed. An embodied voice has effect on teller and listeners – it literally sets the channels of the body vibrating and allows for listeners to relax and deepen their responsiveness during the telling. They can more easily listen beyond the content into the sound of the word and intention of the telling and the silence underlying it all. I continue to do some physical warm up before performance that has to do with breathing into my body (for me chi kung has been very helpful) and stretching to get the crustiness of muscles loosened. then I begin to let sound out from my body until I can breathe into sound from different parts of my body. the backbone of my preparation is five to ten minutes (sometimes even 2 miknutes) or mindfulness awareness befoe it all so that I am reconnecting with a sense of presence as the foundation of connection with my audience. This warm up can be five minutes or can be an hour or longer depending on my life and need.


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