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From: Simon Brooks
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2018 15:37:51 -0400

The only warm up I usually do is sing in the car.

Most of my gigs are more than 40 minutes away. Many are well over an hour away, so I sing in the car. I start off with a soft voice and quiet songs, and end up belting out some great or rowdy tunes!

If I have not been telling for a while, or if I have been telling a lot, I start by doing me me me mar mar my my moe moe moe and really working my mouth and throat. I sometimes also poke my tongue out and wiggle it around as far as I can, stretching it out. I don’t do that on the highway, mostly on quiet back roads!

I also pretend to practice in the car. I don’t believe that is real practice if I am driving, as I am concentrating on driving. But I am working my voice for the stories I will be telling.

Find the right songs though. Death metal is not good to warm up your voice with.


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