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From: Tim Sheppard
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2018 00:13:41 +0100

I remember that workshop!

I also remember that Frankie asked for a volunteer to come and push her over. And all the people looked at her, a completely blind middle-aged, slightly-built and shortish woman, and thought “No! I’m not pushing over this lovely and vulnerable woman!”

And I thought “Yeah, I’m up for that”

And I, a fit, muscular, youngish man, took hold of her shoulders and shoved her with all my strength.

She barely budged. Instead she called everyone’s attention to my stance, that she couldn’t see, and calmly taught the class.

In truth I knew that I wouldn’t be able to move her. She reminded me in many ways of a previous mentor, another Franki of similar build, who I had once tried to push over along with 15 other people. We hadn’t fared any better.

In my experience Frankis are deeply inspiring, and Tims are changed by them.

Hi Tim! When are we going to have that game of Go?

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