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From: Timothy Jennings
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2018 15:31:47 -0400

Hi, Tim

Oh, I’m still Tim too (or Tim2 or TimJ) it’s just that as the web has progressed I have had increasing difficulty figuring out how to juggle my various email accounts, and so far the most reliable is my / icloud/com trinity, and I’m registered there (thanks to my bank and high-security driver’s license defaults in establishing the debit card that bought my latest iMac) as Timothy.

I remember my visit to the UK fondly, have only vague memories of our workshop on “the internet is important” that we presented together (mostly you presented, I just said “and I came here because of the web!” like a magic trick.) I especially remember the iron-age huts at St. Fagins with the thatched roof that let the smoke go right u[ through it, no chimney or smoke hole or nothing. Otherwise, very much like a Five Nations indigenous American longhouse. And the row of representative worker’s housing decade by decade. And, Armstrong’s workshop. And the brutal take-down of the guy who wrote “Seek out the voice of the critic” who was seeking to privilege folktales and epics over personal experience & literary storytelling, which debate I wish he had won.

I bought Franky’s cassette, which featured her singing on one side and workshop activities on the other. I used the workshop side, especially the first ten minutes or so, quite a bit, then got a one-off copy of her workshop CD, with a yoga instructor, which I didn’t like as well.

I appreciated her approach, which was based around her memories of hard working rural folk singing loudly while walking outdoors (as I remember) which was a practice of mine from an early age, until my kids made me stop. It was not that uncommon in my (mostly black) neighborhood as a child. I’d hear them through the open window walking past my house while I was in bed at night, generally two or three people walking together, singing gospel and soul in harmony, their unison audible footsteps keeping the rhythm. And as a young hippy, I’d hear gospel groups sing as they waited for the bus across the street from our rented hippy house, after their music jobs down the street at the True-Grace-Memorial-House-of-Prayer-for-All-People-built-on-the-rock-of-the-Apostolic-Faith.

I have sadly declined in my go-playing ability (and cognitively generally I fear, though as a storyteller I’m still pretty good) but I would be willing to try a game with you, for fun and old time’s sake, online. I think there’s probably still someplace we can do that. How up on it are you, these days? How are you generally? We could take this off list if you like.

You might be interested in a thing I wrote way back when on the relatively-progressive (they did not get behind Bernie) Democratic political blog Daily Kos during the Hillary VS Obama primaries, comparing their campaigning styles to chess and go.


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