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    From: marystory
    Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 14:19:33 -0400

    Hi folks,

    Prior to owning my current computer, I used Windows Movie Maker to work with files, including audio files, to prepare them for posting to YouTube.

    Now that Windows Movie Maker is no more, and I have a new computer, I’ve lost the old program.

    What do you tech savvy folks recommend I use – preferably available via a free download too?

    Oh, and my computer is a PC.


    Mary Hamilton


    From: Ziyadliwa
    Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 19:28:47 +0100

    Hi Mary,

    I use Shotcut – it has a lot of features that Windows Movie Maker doesn’t, which means that you might need to invest more time learning to use it, but it’s worth it. It’s open-source and has a good developer community.
    Just as an FYI, you can still download Windows Essentials, which will also install Movie Maker. I bought a new Windows laptop in January, and did this, so use both Shotcut & Movie Maker depending on what I am trying to do.

    It’s here, in case you’re interested:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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