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    We all know them, some days we love them and some days we curse them: the “bright shiny objects” we sometimes chase on the internet.

    Have you ever gotten lost down the internet “rabbit hole” while chasing one of those bright shiny objects? Sure, you can look in your browser’s history area to see if you can locate that one website you wanted again (if you allow your history to be saved) OR you can simply use tabbed browsing!

    When you come across a link that interests you, you can open the link in a new browser tab by either right-clicking your mouse button and selecting “Open link in new tab” or by holding the Ctrl key (Windows computers) or Cmd key (Mac computers) on your keyboard while left-clicking the link. Either of these methods will open the link in a new tab so it doesn’t interrupt your reading.

    Happy browsing!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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