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    Have you ever wanted to copy a small portion of something you found on the internet to share with a friend but copying and pasting it just didn’t work? Or maybe you wanted to share it on your social network but couldn’t get it to share quite right. There’s a fun little solution to that! Both Windows and Mac computers offer often overlooked, pre-loaded tools for grabbing that quick screenshot on your computer! Windows calls it the Snipping Tool, while Mac calls it Grab and here’s how to find it:

    On Windows – Open the Start menu in the lower left corner of your computer and either search for Snipping Tool in the search box or go to your Accessories folder and click on the Snipping Tool (helpful hint: you can pin it to your task bar or create a desktop shortcut by right clicking the Snipping Tool instead of opening the utility and select the “Pin to Start Menu” or “Send To” and “Desktop (create shortcut)” option)


    This is what the Snipping Tool looks like. Once you’ve snipped something, you’ll have the option to save the snip, copy it, send it (via email), and write or draw on the snip.


    On Mac – Go to your Utilities folder under Applications. You can find it by clicking the Launchpad menu, then the Other submenu and select Grab or open your Spotlight Search and type Grab.

    Once you’ve opened Grab, you can take a picture of what’s on your screen by clicking Grab, then Capture, then choose between Selection, Window, or Screen and follow the instructions in the prompt box that will appear.


    That’s all there is to it! Happy snipping!

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