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    Hello Storytellers,

    I’m giving a workshop in San Diego in April on “How to Do a TED Talk” — based on my experiences.  I’ve given a TEDx talk, presented at a TEDx Salon, been part of a TEDx organizing committee, and attended more than a dozen TED events as a participant.  I’ve given this workshop before, but it will be updated for this one.

    As part of my preparation, I’ve been collecting a list of TED and TEDx talks that are related to storytelling or given by storytellers.  And recently I saw the request from Karen Chase for the same sort of list.

    Here are some to get you started.

    Marilyn McPhie, “Do Try This At Home”
    Linda Whiteside, “Step Aside for the Competition”
    Karen Dietz, “Through the Back Door:  Finding the Unexpected Through Story”
    Bill Harley, “Stories Out Loud”
    Kristin Pedemonti “Bringing Joy to Everyday Moments”
    Kristin Pedemonti “Release Your Inner Superhero”
    Kristin Pedemonti “No Strangers”
    Donald Davis, “How the Story Transforms the Teller”
    Norma Cameron “Cultivating Narrative Intelligence”
    Syd Lieberman “What’s a Story and Why Teachers Should Care”
    Antonio Rocha “Transitions in Eloquence”
    Ellouise Schoettler “Your Story is Your Legacy – Shape it and Share It”
    Simon Heywood “Searching for a Great Storyteller”
    Carmen Deedy “Spinning a Story of Mama”
    Dovie Thomasen “Space Cadet”
    David Holt “Stories and Songs of Appalachia”

    and recently

    Charlotte Blake-Alston “Standing on Tradition”
    Doug Lipman “What Can Storytelling Teach Us About Creating Connection”
    Noa Baum “Beyond Labels – Bridging Differences Through Storytelling”
    Robert Rubenstein “Unexpected Narratives:  Empowering Students Through Storytelling”

    Most are available on-line, but many are not listed on the official TED site.  Best to use Google or search on youtube.

    If you’d like a more complete list with brief descriptions, let me know, and I’ll send it.

    For those interested, I also  recommend signing up for the TED Talks Daily — one talk delivered to your email.  Many excellent talks.

    Happy listening.

    Marilyn McPhie
    President, Storytellers of San Diego, http://www.storytellersofsandiego.org
    Pacific Region Director,  National Storytelling Network, https://storynet.org/
    TEDx talk: “Storytelling:  Do Try This At Home” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrFuLpo0vIs


    I remember watching your TED Talk ‘Do Try This Home’ and enjoying it very much!
    Glad to connect and share the details of the two TED talks I’ve given. Both happen to be for educational institutions, not surprising since i am also an educationalist working especially with teachers.
    The first TED talk was for under-graduates and post-graduates and the second one for high school students.

    (1) Role of Storytelling In Our Lives by Deepa Kiran
    LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-cjfe5Te-c

    (2) The Magic Of Listening To Stories by Deepa Kiran
    LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXwlKaiwUyM

    Thank you for collating this list.
    Looking forward to exploring the list.

    Incidentally, I received queries as well from professionals who know their work well but aren’t able to speak about it when invited to various platforms. The talk about how to give a TED talk sounds interesting.

    Wish you the very best Marilyn and waiting to watch it.

    Deepa Kiran,
    Hyderabad, India

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