Year-End Fundraising Appeal

NSN 2021 Year-End Fundraiser Appeal

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Here are some of the ways you can help NSN, and some tangible ways we will say Thank You:

  1. Join or Renew Your Membership Now. If you join or renew your membership by November 30, 2021, you will receive a free book from Parkhurst Brothers Publishers. That’s right – you get something free for doing what you were hopefully going to do anyway. And, if you sign up to automatically renew your membership each year, you won’t get those pesky “your membership is about to expire” emails, and you won’t have any interruptions in your member benefits!

Complimentary books available to members who renew by November 30, 2021.
Courtesy of Parkhurst Brothers Publishers

Story by Story | Karen Chace

Karen Chace, an experienced storyteller, wrote this book, laying out step by step instructions for starting a storytelling troupe with children.  Chace gives all of the necessary steps for setting up a successful group and explains why they are important.  Chace is very qualified to write this book, as she has been doing professional storytelling for more than two decades.

Educating Angels | Tony Armstrong

In Educating Angels, Tony Armstrong reframes the discussion around classroom education.  Arguing that student happiness is just as important as academic success, Armstrong provides ways that will help teachers and faculty make their students not just lifelong academic learners, but lifelong pursuers of happiness.  Armstrong concludes that this shift in our educational paradigm will make for better people and a better society.

Gratitude | Len Froyen

In this book, Deacon Len Froyen explores stories of gratitude that are designed to lift our spirits and also explains through his analysis why these stories are so important.  Rev. Jerome Hanus describes this book as something that will lead to the “greater discovery of meaning in your life”

  1. Refer new members to NSN. Do you know other storytellers who aren’t members yet? Please tell them about NSN. You can share links to our website, or physical brochures. (If you are hosting or attending a TELLABRATION!™ event, this is a great place to share about NSN!) If you need some brochures, email to request some, or print them off from our website. When the new member joins, ask them to put your name in the referral box. Both you and the new member will receive a one-time discount to the Digital Library. The new member will get 25% off, and you will get the following discounts:

    If you refer 1-3 new members, you get 25% off
    If you refer 4-6 new members, you get 50% off
    If you refer 7-9 new members, you get 75% off
    If you refer 10+ new members, you get 100% off
  1. Hold a facebook fundraiser on behalf of NSN. We will provide you with the graphics and instructions – all you have to do is share why you love NSN. In addition to feeling great about giving to the community, you will receive the following benefits:
    If you raise $100+ You will receive free admission to a story slam of your choosing
    If you raise $500+ You will receive free admission to Earth Up 2022
    If you raise $1000+ You will receive free admission to Connected 2022
  1. Donate to NSN. As a part of our year-end giving campaign, we hope you will consider giving to NSN if you have the means to do so. If you donate $25 or more on Giving Tuesday (Nov 30, the last day of our fundraising push), you will receive unlimited access to the Virtual Library on the following Saturday, December 4, 2021.

    We welcome donations in any amount throughout the campaign. We are also offering the following additional benefits if you donate before November 30. This subscription access will be granted on Sunday, December 5, 2021:
    If you donate $250, you will receive unlimited access to the Digital Library for 3 months.
    If you donate $500, you will receive unlimited access to the Digital Library for 6 months.
    If you donate $1000, you will receive unlimited access to the Digital Library for 12 months.
  1. Register to watch the recordings from Connected 2021: Across the Divide, and invite others to do the same. If you missed the conference, you can still purchase access to all the recordings until Connected 2022. We are offering these recordings at a special All-Access rate of $150 for members ($200 for the general public). If you only want to view the performances, the rate is $75 for members ($100 for the general public). If you registered for the live conference, you already have access to all the recordings. All of the recordings are now up and ready to be viewed. Please enjoy them and tell friends about ones that you particularly like.
  1. Volunteer with NSN. We have an incredible need for volunteers right now. Would you like to help organize the 2022 Earth Up or Connected Conference? Are the slams or fringes more of your thing? Do you want to join our tech team, or help evaluate stories or workshop proposals? Are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors to help make decisions that will guide NSN into the future? Would you prefer to help with grant writing or calling NSN members? With our dramatic increase in programming, we need eager volunteers now more than ever before. To volunteer your time, please fill out our form below.
  1. Include NSN in your Estate Planning. As you think about your legacy, please consider including NSN in your Will. Your gift will help support and train the next generation of storytellers and keep this Art form alive.
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