Diving in the Moon Journal 2015


Welcome to the 2015 Online Issue of
the Healing Story Alliance Journal!

Putting Down the Burning Coal: Transforming Resentments Into Forgiveness Through Story
Elisa Pearmain

Sometimes A Wild God
Tom Hirons

Stuck In History
Donna Jacobs Sife

Storytelling, Movement and Drama with Children
Sue Proctor

Her Story, Your Story, Our Story: An Afternoon With Women Who Have Escaped The Troll
Regina Ress with art by Emily McPhie

A Hungry Princess
Srebrenka Dumancic

The Golden Key: Wisdom from the Heart
Mary Louise Chown

The Upside Of Alzheimer’s
Jan Turner

Hymn to Persephone
Teeya Blatt

The Power of Story
Dr. Catherine MooreA Chelm Story
Dan Yashinsky

Standing Up While Lying Down
Patricia Rose Ballard Coffie

The Story We Tell Ourselves
Lorna MacDonald Czarnota

Therapeutic Learning
Kay Stone

Little Red Car – A Toileting Tale
Susan Perrow

Co-editors Mary Louise Chown and Allison Cox thank all who offered their talents and time for this issue.

Please respect the copyrights of all of our contributors.

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